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Don't Ditch Carbs

Carbs started to be demonized and low-carb diets have become very popular, but let's not put all the carbs in the same group. It's not about carbs in general, but more about so called good and bad carbs and we need to distinguish between them in order to avoid future health problems. Everything nature creates is complete and perfect. It's when people attempt to outsmart nature that they suffer the consequences. The same principles apply to carbs. Our body immediately recognizes the difference between bad and good carbs. Let's remind ourselves how we recognize one from the other.
Good/complex carbs (legumes, vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, oats, whole wheat, barley, etc.) take longer to break downdigest slowly, which means our body can use them as energy over several hours and therefore there is a gradual increase in blood sugar (thanks to fiber)they are foods that haven't been processed, or processed only minimally, along the way from the sourcethey he…