Water Fasting - Vol. 2

It has been exactly one week since we finished our water fasting and the symptoms that this fasting brought were far from those I expected. I personally anticipated this fasting to be some sort of body cleanse that helps my body get rid of toxins and perform a quality restart after the long gloomy winter months. At the end I was very surprised by its outcome.

My first day without eating did not bring anything unexpected, I was starting to become hungry later that day but it was still bearable. I simply overcame it by increasing my water intake.

The second day was worse. I slept in, thinking the more time I spent in bed, the shorter the day will be. I wasn't extremely hungry, but my munchies were insane. I spent my evening by drooling on Instagram's pictures of food. I was highly tempted to give up.

The third day was a bit better, I got up with ease, refreshed and rested and almost didn't feel hungry at all. I even thought I could do more than 3 days, but this day brought something that I did not expect at all and wasn't ready for - emotional symptoms. Later I learned that fasting can bring to surface underlying fears and other negative emotions that have gone undealt with. As a result I verbally hurt the person I love the most and I am not proud of that at all. It took just little and a feeling of panic took possession of me completely and I was surprised how powerful it was. Rational thinking was subdued at that point. Looking back, it was not a good experience but I am glad it happened because it actually pointed out a problem that I should focus on in order to achieve an inner balance, followed by a harmony in my relationships.

Since then I have been meditating every day, trying to track my fears back in time, with focus on their origin. I think when we find the real sources of our fears and have enough courage to face them and discover a reasonable explanation for their existence, many times they just disappear. I wish all of us were able to dismiss our fears and negative emotions for good because they don't serve us and could make our lives hell.


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