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Water Fasting - Vol. 2

It has been exactly one week since we finished our water fasting and the symptoms that this fasting brought were far from those I expected. I personally anticipated this fasting to be some sort of body cleanse that helps my body get rid of toxins and perform a quality restart after the long gloomy winter months. At the end I was very surprised by its outcome.

My first day without eating did not bring anything unexpected, I was starting to become hungry later that day but it was still bearable. I simply overcame it by increasing my water intake.

The second day was worse. I slept in, thinking the more time I spent in bed, the shorter the day will be. I wasn't extremely hungry, but my munchies were insane. I spent my evening by drooling on Instagram's pictures of food. I was highly tempted to give up.

The third day was a bit better, I got up with ease, refreshed and rested and almost didn't feel hungry at all. I even thought I could do more than 3 days, but this day brought s…

Water fasting

This time of the year I always come to the idea of some sort of cleansing for my body. A cleansing that our bodies need, especially now, after a long and tiring winter. There are so many types of cleansing and none of them are easy to do, but it's one of the best ways to reward our bodies for serving us well. This year I decided on a 3 days water fasting, that has been practiced for centuries and it's benefits have been proven over times.
What is fasting? Fasting is the controlled voluntary abstinence of food for a period of time (1-40 days), only water consumption is allowed. It's important to mention that long term fasting (longer than 10 days) should be executed under the supervision of a medical practitioner.
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, believed that if you eat when you are sick, you are actually feeding your sickness. The idea behind this, is that we all have a fasting instinct, meaning when we are sick with a cold or a flu for instance, we usually lo…