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You know, how it hurts when you lose someone very close who's always been there for you and whose loyalty you could always rely on. That best friend who was always so happy to see you and never blamed you for your mistakes. We lost such a friend recently.

He always made us smile when we were down and distracted us from all that gloomy mood. There is hardly a more loyal love bond than the one between human and dog. We lost our beloved Ramone this week and it still hurts. Partially because he was such a loving dog till his very last moment. He kept licking us and showed us tirelessly his never ending love. It felt like one big bad dream watching him leave. I thought this can not be a reality. I was hoping to be in the middle of a nightmare, waiting to wake up. Unfortunately it wasn't the case.

On our way home from the animal hospital, I was thinking how incredible he was. Despite all the pain he was experiencing, he never stopped manifesting his love. There is so much people sho…